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Small and mid-size businesses

Our customers also include small and middle-sized businesses. This category of customers either purchase products in American and Canadian stores or distribute their own products on these territories. Usually an ordinary purchase volume exceeds what would be bought by a buyer. However, at the same time this volume is still too small to justify the import via an ocean cargo container. In order to efficiently distribute products to customers, it is required to have a good warehouse to store items and provide quick orders processing.

In such cases services offered by Send Your Goods are especially useful when:

  • Our customers need international shipment and sellers do not offer this option,
  • Our customers need to consolidate several shipments in one parcel to save funds on international shipping cost,
  • Our customers need to repack items to decrease shipping costs,
  • Our customers want to insure their purchases,
  • Our customers need proper items description and their value declaration,
  • Our customers need drop ship of the items purchased in the USA, Canada or Australia
  • Our customers want to sell their goods on the territory of the USA, Canada or Australia and require a safe warehouse and “Pick and Pack” service on orders processing, or
  • Our customers want Get Your Goods to act as their agents to buy, negotiate prices and terms and conditions of purchasing large scales of goods and their delivery (freight, storage, etc.).

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