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About us

Company Send Your Goods is providing services since 2012. Our headquarters are located in New York, NY. However, we have affiliates and clients in and South America.

Our mission:

First of all our company is providing our customers with safe, fast and low-cost services related to forwarding packages all over the world. Send Your Goods is considered to be the best and fast-growing company in reshipping business. We are trying to minimize shipping costs and using products repacking and consolidating methods that allow to save time and money. Besides that we are trying to use new and environmentally friendly packaging materials.

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Anita Greleski

Philip Mannlein

Elaine Ross

Morgan Adams

Reviews and Testimonials

What people are saying about Send Your Goods.

Thank you for your swift and accurate job! I have received the parcel and was pleasantly surprised by the high speed of delivery and neatness of the parcel packing.

Greg McQueen, Customer

I ordered services of Send Your Goods several times and was always happy with its responsibility and accurateness. Send Your Goods is the first company that agreed to forward my purchases to the country where I live. I appreciate it.

Maria Valenzi, Customer

Great service! Easy-to-use website and very convenient application that allows you to make orders on the go! It is obvious that the customer is of primary importance for the company. Good luck

Nadya Przhevalski, Customer

What do I like most of all about Send Your Goods? Their high speed and quick response. Sometimes they seem to be waiting for my questions. I ordered their services several times and was always surprised how managers can be so responsible and responsive. I always enjoy cooperating with Send Your Goods.

Vic Bourdier, Customer

I adore buying numerous items in American online stores. However, I am so sad that the majority of them do not ship internationally. That is why I have to use intermediariesí services. I have a large experience of cooperating with many American shipping companies. I refused from using their service for many reasons. Some of them were too slow. Some of them lost my packages. I am happy that I got in contact with Send Your Goods. It seems to be my dream company in this area since they sees to be ready to meet all my needs. I expect that our cooperation will be fruitful and long-term.

Ruth Barley, Customer